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After nearly a year I have posted here once again. My old blog was created by blogger and recently blogger dropped FTP support which I was using. I switched it over to WordPress now. We will see how it goes and if I actually post more blog entries.

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Sushi Night

Mondays are back on as Sushi night for us. We went to Sushi Divine again in Lomita. It was great!

The roll shown here is a Lomita Roll.

A Good Sewer is Important

Today we had a section of our sewer pipe replaced. The section here used to be clay and had many stairsteps in the clay pipe that leaked water and thus let roots in to block the pipe. My friend and plumber Tom Farrell did the job for me with his crew. Excellent work Tom! He installed a two-way cleanout at the top end here, and took out all the clay pipe and joined it up to the ABS pipe that goes under the driveway and into the sewer main line. All the existing line got cleaned out and videoed too! Hooray, no more backed up drains!

Duke’s Garage turns ’65 Mustang into Electric Pony

Duke’s Garage turns ’65 Mustang into Electric Pony: “Duke’s Garage turns ’65 Mustang into Electric Pony 

by Domenick Yoney on Mar 15th 2009 at 1:35PM

Many people love classic cars; but if you’re concerned about your environmental impact, how can anyone enjoy driving one? For some, the answer may be having the drivetrain converted to all-electric power and Duke’s Garage just outside Denver, Colorado has created an ‘Electric Pony’ to show off their abilities to do just that. The classic car dealer and restoration specialist has taken a ’65 Ford Mustang convertible in need of some extensive rebuilding and rehabilitated both its looks and its emissions output. The pony car is now powered using twinned electric motors supplied with current from a 144 volt lithium ion battery pack under the hood. The seats have been redone using recycled foam and are swathed in a classy hemp herringbone fabric with dark piping, as are the door panels. Finished in a dark olive, the ‘Electric Pony’ is now green inside and out and ready to carry passengers about in style for 50 to 60 miles between charges. Check out their website for lots of pics of their handiwork. Duke’s will offer the service for $15,000 to $20,000, depending on the car and are eyeing a Volkswagen Beetle and Karman Ghia as their next projects.”

Think I should do this to my spitfire? I am leaning this way. Though I suspect Ill have to wait a while to save up the $ for the batteries and motors, etc.

I Won!

FT8900RI was out of town for most of December (December 1-13 on business and 13-20 on Vacation) So I missed all the Christmas parties at work or at church or with friends. However, one party at work is my HAM Radio club‘s annual Christmas party. Every year they have a raffle so I bought some tickets this year before I left on my trip. And guess what? I won! Very cool. My HAM gear so far is pretty sparse (a 2m mobile rig from the 80′s and two 2m hand held units). Well I got a Yaesu FT-8900R with a Comet UHV-4 Antenna. Very cool. This is a quad-band rig, so I can transmit on 10M, 6M, 2M, and 440Mhz. Now I just have to find a good antenna mount for my car and install it. I am thinking of getting a trunk-lip antenna mount, but am not sure if they will work with my car’s trunk. My car is over 40 years old, and the edge of the trunk is different than modern day cars (about 1/2″ thick).

Happy New Years Everyone!