I Won!

FT8900RI was out of town for most of December (December 1-13 on business and 13-20 on Vacation) So I missed all the Christmas parties at work or at church or with friends. However, one party at work is my HAM Radio club‘s annual Christmas party. Every year they have a raffle so I bought some tickets this year before I left on my trip. And guess what? I won! Very cool. My HAM gear so far is pretty sparse (a 2m mobile rig from the 80′s and two 2m hand held units). Well I got a Yaesu FT-8900R with a Comet UHV-4 Antenna. Very cool. This is a quad-band rig, so I can transmit on 10M, 6M, 2M, and 440Mhz. Now I just have to find a good antenna mount for my car and install it. I am thinking of getting a trunk-lip antenna mount, but am not sure if they will work with my car’s trunk. My car is over 40 years old, and the edge of the trunk is different than modern day cars (about 1/2″ thick).

Happy New Years Everyone!

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