Castle Artillery Castle

a Macintosh Shareware Game by Kirk Crawford
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Artillery CastleDownload BinHex version of Artillery 2.0.9 beta

Artillery is a two player projectile motion simulation game that I wrote for the Macintosh. It started out in 1983 on a TI 99/4A computer. When I got my first Mac in 1984, I wrote Artillery for that. Over the years I have occasionally updated the program. This version should work on most Macs. Please e-mail me any suggestions or bugs that you find.

Artillery is Shareware. If you like it and use it, send $10 donation to: kirk (at) via paypal personal gift

NOTE: Artillery is not available for DOS or Windows yet. I may make a version for Windows in the future. If you would like to be notified when that version comes out, please e-mail me.

Artillery Screen Shot

3 thoughts on “Artillery

  1. Anthony

    Hey Kirk,

    Thank you for posting this online, but the link for the file is corrupt :(

    This game is awesome. My friends and I used to play this for hours on an old mac we had at our high school!


  2. Daniel

    Really happy to have found this page, after much Google searching. When I was in primary school in a tiny country town in rural Australia, there was an old Mac in my classroom with your game on it. I have been thinking about it recently but couldn’t remember the name, so it took some obscure search references and a number of hours to find this. Thanks for the hours of fun all those years ago with my mates and please notify if a version is ever made for Windows, or Iphone or Android. Would be a hit on portable platforms I reckon! Thanks.

  3. Kirk Post author

    The file seems to download fine for me. Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac anymore, so I can’t really test the file. Maybe one day I’ll find another version of it and upload it here. Sorry.

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