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Bike To Work Day

Me at the Bike To Work Day Pit Stop at the Nash Green Line station

All the loot I got today!

Today is Bike To Work Day during Bike To Work Week. I fixed my tire that went flat last night, and rode my bike in today as well. I have ridden in three days so far this week. I saw several other bike riders, mostly when I got close to my work in El Segundo. They had a pit stop set up at the Nash Green Line station near my work and were giving out goodie bags and bagels and drinks. I of course participated! Free stuff and Free food! Who can beat that! I had someone take my picture next to the sign there and they also took my picture for the Los Angeles Metro system with their camera. He was a volunteer for the LA Metro. Did you ride your bike to work today? If not, why not?not?

Bike Fair

Today, Wednesday, we had a Bike Fair during lunch at my company. This is the middle of Bike-to-Work Week, so I was looking forward to looking at some bikes and accessories and get some other biking information. Well, I was sadly disappointed. The only representatives there were our own bicycle commuting club, with lots of handouts and maps from the local metro system, AAA with fliers and insurance, and the LA Wheelmen. No bike shops. It turns out that they had three separate shops lined up to come, and one backed out last week, and the two others backed out just yesterday! What a bummer. I wish the local bike shops around here supported bike commuting!

We Won the Challenge!

The Aerospace Corporation, the company I work for, are the Official Winners of the 2007 Bike To Work Challenge!!!!!

The final total cycle commuters this year were: 309. The total includes Los Angeles World Airport’s Westside Welcome Station/Pitstop at World Way West, CarrAmerica’s Welcome Station/Pitstop at the Howard Hughes Center, and Electronic Art’s Welcome Station/Pitstop at Playa Vista. The breakdown was as follows:

  1. The Aerospace Corporation 68
  2. Los Angeles Air Force Base (Military/Civilian) 56
  3. Raytheon 48
  4. Boeing 39
  5. Northrop-Grumman 25
  6. Los Angeles World Airports 24
  7. Electronic Arts 20
  8. CarrAmerica / Howard Hughes Center 19
  9. DirecTV 7
  10. Federal Express 1
  11. Mitre 1
  12. Sitor 1

Last year’s total cycle commuters were: 301. The breakdown was as follows:

  1. Raytheon 61
  2. The Aerospace Corporation 54
  3. Los Angeles Air Force Base (Military/Civilian) 42
  4. Boeing 35
  5. Northrop-Grumman 34
  6. Trizec / Howard Hughes Center 28
  7. Los Angeles World Airports 15
  8. Electronic Arts 14
  9. DirecTV 13
  10. Federal Express 3
  11. SAIC 1
  12. Hawthorne Nursery 1

Also thanks to Aerospace, Boeing, CarrAmerica / Howard Hughes Center, DirecTV, Los Angeles Air Force Base, Los Angeles World Airports, Northrop-Grumman, and Raytheon for donating the awesome giveaways!!!

2007 Bike To Work Challenge

Me at the tables

All the loot I got! Including:
  • 2007 Bike To Work Backpack
  • 3 different reflectors
  • First Aid Kit
  • Wet Wipe
  • Patch Kit
  • Reflective Laces
  • Raffle Coupon
  • Metro Rail Bike Rules and Regulations
  • LA County Bike Route Map
  • Bicycle Rules and Regulations Pamphlet
  • Badge Holder
  • Armband/pouch for an MP3 Player
  • Combo Hairbrush/Mirror
  • Bottle of Water
  • Gatorade
  • 2007 Bike To Work Challenge T-Shirt

This is Bike To Work Week. Today is the Bike To Work Challenge. It is a contest amongst the local companies in El Segundo to get the most number of people to ride their bikes in to work. When I signed the form as I rode in, I was number 60 for our company. It is a good day to do it too since they give away a t-shirt and goodie bag to each rider that comes in. They also have bagels, coffee, and other food to eat for breakfast too. They will let us know later today who won the challenge.nge.