Kirk & Donna's round-the-world Trip

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Kirk & Donna in England
We went on a round-the-world trip for a year. We left home on September 29, 2002 and returned on September 8, 2003. We travelled in a low budget manner with only what we can comfortably carry in our backpacks.   How did this come about, many people ask? Well, we both had the desire to do quite a bit more traveling.   Donna got the bug to take an extended trip when she was cycling and tramping around New Zealand for a month in the winter of 1999.  Kirk has always loved travel and adventure. After we started dating during the spring of 2001, we started talking about doing a trip like this...

Once we were married, we were finally on our way!!   Where did we go? Well, check out our itinerary. Of course, that shows only where we flew in and out of. For the rest, you will have to read our travelogue.  Go to the contact page if you want to send us email directly.  Also, don't forget to sign our guest book.

September 2005
We were interviewed recently for a travel show called Amateur Traveler - it's available online here. If you want to take a listen.