The Reception

The reception was held at the Paradise Restaurant.  They did a fantastic job of taking care of us and we had a wonderful time!  


The Buffet                


We thoroughly enjoyed the food (although we discovered that it is, indeed, hard to get a full bite chewed in between saying hello and chatting with well-wishers!).  But we wouldn't have changed a thing...except perhaps, to have made the day longer so we could have had more time with everyone! 

Are the natives restless?


Everyone was organized (what do you expect..TONS of engineers and lawyers afoot), friendly and...TALL as they waited through the buffet line! 

The Reception


It's a little overwhelming to have so many people of such significance in your life in one place at one time!  Really cool!  But really overwhelming, too!  Donna's step-brother, Matt, and his family, in the foreground. 

Grandma and Capn Dum-Dumb


Donna's Grandma with her Uncle Rich, who came all the way out from Virginia! 

Lynda & Jeanne


Donna's aunt Jeanne, from Idaho and her Mom.  Jeanne is an accomplished artist! 

Papa Blowing Bubbles!


We handed out little vials of bubbles for people...  they were popular with everyone...young and old alike.  This is Donna's grandfather!   

Great Aunt Jean, Marty, Papa and Captain Dumb-Dumb


Donna's uncle Rich, great aunt Jean, cousin Marty (holding the picture) and grandfather. 

The TablesDecorations









We did something a little unusual to decorate at our reception.  We placed photographs at each table of each of us at various stages in life (including some of us together).  Plus, many of our guest were in pictures (somewhere).  Don't fool yourself, took us HOURS to sort through pictures and assemble pictures with frames.  We were quite happy with the result, though! 

The Cake


We had a wonderful cake (by Irva with floral decorations by Jeff & Renee).  Jeff is so talented, he scoped out the restaurant and matched the flowers to the wall behind the cake!!   

Is everyone watching?  Don't cut your finger!


Thank goodness we only had to cut the first piece and not all of 'em!!   

Let everyone eat cake!


The cake tastes fabulous...there were different flavors for each layer.  Unfortunately, the bite you see us taking here is the only one either of us got! 

Grinning at the camera?


Some of our guests watching us (or grinning at the camera) cut the cake...  Pam, Lindsay, Gary, Ryan, Kris, Jeff, David, Roxan, Sarah, Jon, Mark.  (That's David, Roxann and Sarah hamming it up...our three musicians)! 

Steve with Patty's baby, Ashley


Steve, one of our ushers, is holding Patty's baby, Ashley.  Steve had JUST found out that he and his wife, Sharon, were pregnant.  Incidentally, they had a baby girl, Natalie Katherine, on September 3, 2002!!  It is their first!  Congratulations!   

The rings


The rings.


Kirk did an amazing job of picking out Donna's ring (all by himself). Kirk's ring has special significance as's a triple band --- a single band of gold in the center and two of platinum on the outside.  The platinum represents Kirk and Donna in their marriage; the gold represents God, holding them together. 


The first dance!  Kirk and Donna chose to dance their first dance to "Love Song" by Third Day. 

The Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance

Donna and her dad and Kirk and his mom dance during the Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dance.   

Patty, Sue and Eric


Kirk's co-worker's and long-time friends, Patty, Sue and Eric. 

Kirk and Donna on the dance floor


Kirk and Donna on the dance floor. 

Valerie, the cycling maniac!


Valerie, Donna's cycling partner and dear friend!  The initially met in what turned out to be a sort of volleyball boot camp, but discovered that they had a love of cycling in common and dropped out to do that together and have been fast friends ever since. 

Kirk and Donna with Chris


Kirk and Donna with Chris Cannon,  who performed our marriage ceremony and the pastor of our church, King's Harbor Church.   

The boss lady


Lynn (Kirk's boss) and Barry!  We were so blessed they were able to attend our wedding! 

Kirk, Donna, Katie and Hilary


Kirk and Donna with Donna's cousins, Katie and Hilary.  Katie came all the way out from Washington DC and Hilary came out from Chicago!   

Go away so we can eat!!


Patty, Valerie, Sue and Bill.   

KU Jayhawks ROCK!


Kirk and Donna with all of her Jayhawks buddies - Robb, Kati, Rebecca, Martin, Barb, Julie, Suzanne, Chander, Jose, Kara and Will. 

Get me down from here!!!!


Poor Ashley, she was just too cute and ended up in about a zillion pictures!  Not quite as many as we did, but almost!   

Kirk and Donna with the Dallas Gang


Kirk and Donna with the gang from Dallas...  Loren, Deidra, Jeff (who took lots and lots of video), Dianne (who coordinated the wedding), Rob (who took FABULOUS black and whites), and Kris (who moved to LA but still considers herself from Dallas). 

Dianne and Donna


Donna and Dianne, Donna's dear friend from Dallas!  Dianne coordinated our whole wedding!!  She's amazing!  AND GREAT! 

Kirk & Donna and Kirk's high school buddies

Kirk and Donna with Kirk's high school friends, Ken, Jill, Keith, Michelle, Kristin and Rod. 

Fred and Donna


Fred (Kirk's Dad) and Donna 



Okay, one, two, three...break!! 

Let's obnoxious can we be?


Harlan, Kevin and Garret are caught on film decorating the getaway car (which, incidentally, Kirk has owned since he was 14).  How many others were involved, but just managed to escape the camera? 

Marital bliss begins


The happiest couple around! (...they don't know what they're outside doing to Kirk's car....) 

Aren't they done yet?                


They are still at it! 

Dianne and Marie


Two of Donna's closest friends, Dianne and Marie. 



It's time for us to go!!  

Oh my!!  Look at the car!


Kirk and Donna see the decorated car for the first time! 

KTO fluffs!


Kati O fluffs Donna's veil as Kirk and others look on. 

The Honeymoon Begins!!


And no, Donna doesn't wander around in fur on a regular was her great-grandmother's wrap.  She figured it was a good time to put it to use! 

Away we go!'

Away we go!  Where we'll stop, only Kirk knows!!  Kirk made plans for our first two nights together (at the Seal Beach Inn & Gardens).  

And they're...gone....


Off into the sunset....