The Wedding


We were married on January 19, 2002 at twelve o'clock noon at the Evangelical Free Church in Redondo Beach, California.  


Our Wedding Invitation 

Nervous?  Have a donut!

I don't know about you, but I think the groom looks a bit nervous!!  Ushers Bill, Eric & Brad, Kirk (the groom), Steve (the best man) and Steve (another usher).  Who do you think finished first? 

Dianne pins Kirk's Corsage        

With Eric nearby smirking, Dianne pins on Kirk's corsage.  Dianne, one of Donna's friends from Dallas, acted as our wedding coordinator...and let us tell you, she was the BEST EVER!!  If you EVER need a wedding coordinator, and you can convince her to do it again after dealing with the likes of us, CALL her!!  (Don't really...she'll kill me!) 

Best Man takes a breather


Steve, the best man, takes a little breather in between photographs.  Get used to it, Steve!!  (He got married in September, 2002!) 

Doug and Chris discussing...?

Pastor Chris and Doug, our sound guy and good friend, sort out some details before the ceremony begins.  Doug repeatedly reminded Chris (and everyone TALKING to Chris) to remind US to speak up into his mike when saying our vows.  We did our best!  Doug did a great job and we are grateful for his contribution! 

Following are a series of pictures that were taken by our photographer and appear in our wedding album: 

    Donna's Portrait


    Donna's wedding portrait 

Donna with her parents        

Donna with her parents, Mike Reid and Lynda Reid. 

Donna and Meredith, the Matron of Honor


Donna and Meredith, the Matron of Honor. 

Donna and her grandmother


Donna with her grandmother. 

Donna with her mom        


Donna with her mom. 

Donna signs the marriage license


Donna signs the marriage license as Meredith and Kris look on. 

Donna with her mom and grandparents        


Donna with her mom and grandparents. 

Donna with her father's family

Donna with her father's family: Matt, Jon, Greg, father, Betty, Sarah, Melissa & Wendy.  The boys in front are Tate, Tanner & Teaghan.   

Donna and Meredith



Meredith, the Matron of Honor, has been Donna's best friend since 1976, when they met jumping on a trampoline in gym class.  They have been through everything together.  Meredith was instrumental in Donna's decision to commit her life to Christ (which was finally made in 1996).  


All of the flowers were prepared by our dear friends Jeff & Renee.  I think you'll agree that they did a magnificent job all around! 

Donna with her dad and stepmom


Donna with her dad and Betty. 

Donna with the female attendants


Donna with her attendants: Meredith, the Matron of Honor; Katie Beth, her flower girl and god-daughter (and Meredith's daughter); and Amy, her flower girl/junior bridesmaid/jill-of-all-trades and niece.   



FINALLY!!!  A picture of the groom!!!  Here's Kirk!  Isn't he handsome? 

Groom signing the marriage license


Kirk signs the marriage license as Chris (the pastor) and Steve (the Best man) look on. 



The groom's portrait (the bride made him get two!) 

Kirk with his parents


Kirk and his parents, Sally and Fred. 

Kirk and his family


Kirk with his family:  Kris, Kirk, Sally, Fred and Kelley. 

Kirk with Kris and Kelley


Kirk with his sisters, Kris and Kelley. 

Kirk with Kelley and her kids


Kirk with Kelley and her children, Scott, Bradley, Jeffrey and Corey.  Meghan was planning to be there too, but was home with pneumonia. 

Kirk and the men in the wedding


Kirk with the men:  Eric, Brad, Steve, Kirk, Fred, Bill and Steve. 

Kirk sees Donna as the doors openDonna Walks the Aisle









Kirk sees Donna for the first time that day, as she walks down the aisle with her father. 

A Wedding Celebration


A wedding is a time of celebration!! 

A holy communion


We also took our first communion together during our wedding.  It was a very special moment for us.   

David Harris played piano for us throughout...


Before, during and after the ceremony, David Harris played piano (and accompanied Roxann Harris and Sarah Lavallo on guitar).  He is an extremely talented musician and we thank him participating in our wedding! 

Exchange of vows


Kirk and Donna both believe strongly in the covenant of marriage, as ordained by God.  We vowed to love one another and to remained married as long as we both are living. 

Exchange of rings


Kirk and Donna exchange wedding rings. 


Of course, the traditional kiss!! 

The Recessional


Presenting, Kirk and Donna Crawford! 

What a romantic he is!


Isn't he romantic? (She's completely smitten!)



The Happy Couple


Kirk and Donna: The Happy Couple 

Resting between photos

Kirk and Donna take a break between photos. 

Kirk, Donna and their attendants


Kirk and Donna with Meredith, the Matron of Honor and Steve, the Best Man. 

Kirk and Donna with the attendants and ushers

Kirk and Donna, with the ushers on the back row - Eric, Bill, Brad and Steve, and with Meredith and Steve. 

Kirk and Donna with attendants and flower girls

Kirk and Donna with Meredith, Steve, Katie Beth and Amy.   

Kirk and Donna and their parents


Kirk and Donna and their parents,

Mike Reid, Lynda Reid, and Sally and Fred Crawford. 

A preview of things to come?! ACK!

Donna and her niece, nephews and god-daughter.   

The WHOLE family!

The WHOLE family (too many to mention!) 

And we couldn't resist!!  We LIVE at the we had to take PICTURES at the beach!!! 

Donna on the beach


Donna...trying on a "vogue" pose. 

Donna and the guys


The REAL Donna!!  (now, STOP that Brad -- she's not ticklish) 



Oh, wait...that's a lawyer...oh,'s Donna...a bride!  Oh, never mind! 

Kirk and Donna


It was a PERFECT day (in JANUARY) on the don't you wish YOU lived here? 

The Big Dipper


He doesn't miss an opportunity, does he?   

The SILLY couple


The real Kirk & Donna -- fun & silly! 

The Gang

The Gang